Each Heart & Beet Comic & Cartoon tackles a very basic nutritional message and educates kids about how to make healthier food and drink choices. The comics and cartoons present information, but do not instruct children to avoid drinking or eating specific products. All comics begin with Heart & Beet doing something active such as kayaking, running, and gardening and then lead into a nutrition discussion. Our primary focus is to arm children with information that will help them make healthier food and drink choices each and every day. Watch the videos below and for descriptions of each program, click here: HeartBeet-Cafe-School-Nutrition-Programs.

Below are 3 HeartBeet cartoons and 13 comics:

Click on each title to view the HeartBeet Comic:
“Making a Sweet Splash”
“Break for Breakfast“
“Root for the Beet“
“Bag the Lunch”
“Attack Your Snack”
“What’s in that Chip?”
“Heart & Beet Go Organic”
“Crunch & Sip”
“Don’t Squash Us"
"Smack Down Between Yam and Sweet Potato"
"Squash the Spaghetti"