Jennifer Ross
Business & Marketing Strategist

I have an innate passion for getting to the heart of a business owner's strategy and figuring out how to get them closer to their goals. When a client says they need help with social media, it's not just about posting images and some text.  Whatever marketing tool is being used (i.e. social media, emails, flyers, partners), a real marketer takes the time to understand a client's business and goals in order to effectively market them.  My team and I have extensive experience developing businesses and designing and executing marketing strategies for farms, food, and wellness products and services, as well as a diversity of other industries. Check out our marketing packages below or contact us directly to chat.

Business Development & Marketing Packages

12 Facebook & Instagram Social Media Posts per month

  • creation of text, images & video, posting on both platforms, and management of comments, liking, etc.

12 Facebook & Instagram Social Media Posts + 2 blogs per month

  • creation of text, images & video, posting on both platforms, management of comments, liking, etc...
  • Drafting, tweaking, and posting 2 well-written, 500-750 word blogs.

12 Facebook & Instagram Social Media Posts per month + 2 Blogs + Business & Marketing Strategy Development.

  • creation of text, images & video, posting on both platforms, and management of comments, liking, etc.
  • drafting, tweaking, and posting 2 well-written, 500-750 word blogs
  • business and marketing strategy development and consultation. (outside of scope: execution of specific strategies) 

Additional relevant business & marketing services include:

  • Newsletter/Email development & execution
  • Pinterest strategy and management
  • Partner/wholesale strategy & execution
  • Farm Stand/Event setup
  • Additional blogs
  • Additional Social Media posts
  • WordPress Website Development and/or Management

Recent Client Types

  • Plant-Based Soups
  • Organic Farms (4)
  • Wellness (Meditation, Energy Work)
  • Acupuncture Company
  • Handmade Soaps
  • Hummus
  • Chiropractor
  • Nutritionists (3)
  • Multi-Sport Event Company
  • Farmers Markets
  • Bean to Bar Chocolate
  • Honey
  • Healthy Meals
  • Mental Health

Client Case Study - from idea to marketable business in 3 months

You finally uncovered or discovered that ‘big’ idea’; the idea that can change your life!  But now you need to build a company that allows you to execute your idea. Businesses require design, planning, and strategy development, whether you are for-profit or not-for-profit.  Before you get started, there are some critical questions to answer about your idea and business.  Neglecting to answer these questions can impact the marketability and profitability of your company so take the time to read, learn, and organize your thinking with our marketing case study.

Client Testimonials

“I know Jen as an extremely efficient, knowledgeable, and very professional website design and marketing specialist.  I love working with her, as she makes things look so easy.  As soon as Jen makes the commitment to meet, she is giving 100% of her time to assist in the best way she knows how. She gets things done quickly and effortlessly.  Jen is very personable and intuitive which makes it easy to communicate any desired outcome I have in mind.  I would recommend Jen to anybody who is looking for a very professional, committed marketing guru that is able to think outside the box!”  A.M.


“I have worked with Jennifer Ross on several website development and marketing projects for health and wellness professionals.  Jen has an in-depth understanding of marketing strategy and website creation platforms, and the capabilities of various programs, such as WordPress.  More importantly, however, Jen takes the time to understand the business and marketing needs of her clients to product effective websites that draw clients, provide valuable information, and give these companies professional visibility to help grow their communities.  Jen also strategically connects her clients’ web presences with social media outlets, such as Facebook and Instagram for even further connective reach.  Once established, Jen works with clients so they easily understand the value of their websites and trains them to use and update the content for SEO optimization and to engage potential clients.” D.F. 


“There are two kinds of people in this world – some that talk and then there is Jen Ross who brings it all to the table and makes everything she does come to fruition. Jen not only has the stamina and willpower, but overall confidence to get the job done no matter what.There is no obstacle too big.Jen will execute in the timetable she is allotted..." J.F.