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Root for the Beet

Root for the Beet Comic Book- 13 Vegetable & Nutrition Lessons; for each chapter, we:

  • Review each chapter (i.e. Heart & Beet Go Organic, Making a Sweet Splash, Break for Breakfast)
  • Play the video
  • Do a veggie demo (i.e. cooking demo)

For more details on the 13 Vegetable & Nutrition Lessons & Videos that are part of Root for the Beet Program, click here. 

Spring Season: How to Enjoy Eating Kale!

It’s so important to grow & eat seasonal foods. Springtime in LI is all about greens - kale, Swiss chard, broccoli, lettuces, & more! We always hear about the superpowers of kale. But, kale tastes bitter and it's green! So what can you do with kale that everyone will like?

  • Kale seeds & how kale grows
  • Different types of Kale
  • Why is kale so healthy?
  • 5 Delicious Things to do with Kale (taste smoothies, kale chips, kale slaw, grains & kale, kale lentil soup, kale bruschetta)

The Chocolate Plant

  • What’s Chocolate?
  • Where does chocolate come from?
  • The chocolate making process - from cacao bean to chocolate bar
  • Is Chocolate healthy?
  • How to taste real chocolate- taste test some delicious chocolate!

What is Compost?

  • Compost vs. Recycling vs. Garbage
  • What is compost made of?
  • Why compost?
  • How to make compost? (can do a demonstration with students)
  • Exercise: What is composted vs. recycled vs. put in the garbage?


  • What are sunflowers? Show the varieties.
  • Fun & interesting sunflower facts.
  • How do sunflowers grow?
  • What are the many uses of sunflowers?
  • Sunflower seeds as food…taste tests!
    • Raw sunflower seeds
    • Roasted sunflower seeds
    • Sunflower butter
    • Sunflower seed oil
  • How to plant a sunflower seed - everyone leaves with a seed & some soil!

Summer Season: Tomatoes!

  • Locally tomatoes are abundant in the summer months. And they are e delicious!
  • Different Tomatoes
  • Are tomatoes fruits or veggies?
  • Why are tomatoes healthy?
  • Delicious Things to do with Tomatoes (demo & tasting)
    • tomato salad
    • tomato sauce
    • tomato soup
    • salsa

Creating Your Spring Garden

  • Lesson on veggies, fruits, seeds, & planning your garden.
  • Planting demo & plant seeds with kids in pots.
  • Teach kids about how to care for the seeds & plants.
  • Come back to transition plants into the outside garden.

"Thank you for coming, it was such a great experience and we all learned so much! One of the beet plants are actually already growing! The kids are so amazed :)"   - Stephanie, Our Lady of Grace Montessori School, Manhasset, NY

"In the spring of 2021, we piloted a Virtual Gardening Program with Jen and our Kindergarten students at Wing Elementary School. In this two part program, Jen taught students about cold and warm weather plants, different types of farms, and how to plant and care for seeds. Jen demonstrated how to plant a seed as the students eagerly watched and awaited their turn to plant their own seeds. She also guided the students in caring for their seeds by discussing the needs of plants. Students planted various vegetables such as tomatoes, kale, green beans, cucumbers as well as sunflowers. They cared for their own seeds and were able to watch them sprout and eventually be transferred outside to continue to grow in our outdoor classroom. This hands-on experience was enjoyable for students and aligned directly with our science curriculum. The students especially loved the surprise visit from Heart and Beet during the virtual program! This year we look forward to continuing the Gardening Program with Jen visiting our kindergarten classrooms to teach students about plants and demonstrate planting and caring for a seed. Our end goal is transferring these plants to our garden beds in our outdoor classroom, so students can continue to care for and observe the plants grow. We hope they can even taste one of their very own vegetables!" Katie Fuller, Kindergarten Teacher, Wing Elementary School

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Meet Heart & Beet

Heart & Beet are our farm mascots! Heart & Beet help connect kids to where their food is coming from and teach them how to make healthier food and drink choices. Heart & Beet can visit your school and make special appearances at the Farm and farm stands!  Follow us on facebook to find out where Heart & Beet may appear today! Click here to check out our cartoons and comics!