The Agri-Tourist Podcast
My Journey Back to Agriculture


Do you yearn for travel that involves outdoor adventure and learning? I do!  I also have a passion for all things farming and agriculture. I’ve traveled to exotic jungles to learn about growing chocolate.  I even owned my own organic vegetable and sunflower farm.  And now I’m planning my journey back to agriculture. 

Agritoursim - defined as travel that involves some type of agricultural experience -  Agritourism is all about entertaining. But the marketing strategist in me knows that,  at its core, agritourism is really about educating.  And education effects change. 

My future farm needs to deliver a profound experience to all of its visitors.  It needs to educate people about food, health, and climate. Join me to learn from experienced agritourism farmers and entrepreneurs and help me build my future farm strategy!  

And, who knows, maybe one day soon you’ll find yourself in a tropical jungle cutting open cacao pods with a machete OR savoring an outdoor plant to plate community dinner with 100 guests at a farm in Illinois.  

So let’s tap into the agri-tourist in you!

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The Agri-Tourist Podcast