Root for the Beet

A children’s comic book series designed to inspire healthy food and drink choices, and an active lifestyle

Heart & Beet are ambassadors for nutritional health and active fun. They educate and inspire kids and families by taking them on fun, healthy adventures. Heart inspires a very outgoing and active nature, while Beet’s laid back, authentic character helps teach us about the nutritional impact of the foods we eat and drink every day. Heart and Beet help kids and families understand where their food comes from and the importance of healthier – and delicious – food and drink choices.

In this children’s book, meet Heart & Beet and join them on a series of healthy comic adventures. This children’s book contains a series of thirteen comics originally illustrated by an eleven-year-old student. Each comic explores an important nutrition topic including the impact of eating a healthy breakfast and lunch, how drinking water helps keep our bodies active and healthy, and tips for evaluating the ingredients that are in your favorite snacks. Many of the comics feature delicious, colorful vegetables such as beets, zucchini, squash, sweet potatoes, carrots, and cucumbers.

Teaching kids about nutrition can be a lot of fun. After reading each comic, challenge your family with Beet’s questions and slowly integrate the learnings. Continue your nutrition education by planting a garden, volunteering at a farm, and visiting local farm stands. And don’t forget to make food shopping and cooking a positive learning experience with your family! Check out our Root for the Beet videos here! 

Root for the Beet Children's Book

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