Weekly Box of Local Seasonal Vegetables Plus Instant Meal

So why should you buy into a CSA – or a weekly box of local seasonal vegetables that includes an instant meal??

First, let’s start by defining what a CSA really is.  CSA stands for community supported agriculture.  When I hear that term I am really not sure what it means either. So you are not alone!  In layman’s terms, CSA is a way for local people to invest in and become a member of a local farm. In exchange, they receive a weekly box of local produce instead of having to shop at a grocery story that is importing produce from around the world.  CSAs are a great way to get to know where your food is coming from, who is growing it, and how they are growing it.  Some traditional CSAs require their members to volunteer at the farm.  Others don’t, as people are so busy these days and many just do not have the extra time to volunteer. Their contribution to the CSA is a significant help to the small farm!

So what are some of the other compelling reasons to sign-up for a local CSA…

1. You know where your food is coming from and who is growing it!Jen, HeartBeet Farms
When you shop at the supermarket, there are signs that indicate whether something is organic or conventional and the country of origin.  When something is grown and harvested in an anonymous location in Mexico and transported all the way to America, do you really know where your food is coming from, who is growing it and how they are growing it?

2. From seed to harvest – No chemicals! No pesticides! No preservatives!
Organic or conventional produce that comes from other countries (and even other parts of the US), are sprayed with ‘approved’ preservatives that are applied to maintain the produce during its journey to your supermarket.  When you buy local and join a CSA, there is nothing to preserve.  It is harvested that morning and in your refrigerator or on your table by that afternoon!

3. You not only get to eat LOCAL produce, but you get to eat SEASONAL produce. It is CRITICAL for our bodies to eat what is in season in the local area vs. what may be in season in a foreign country or the western US! Plants are nourished from the soil and the sun. Seasonal produce is picked when it’s  ripe, fully developed and full of nutrition for your body.  Seasonal produce is also better for our environment – if we are growing something that thrives during a specific season, then there is no need for genetic modification and pesticides to force growth during the off season.

4. The HeartBeet Farms CSA is a bit unique as it includes an instant meal in your CSA box.  Every CSA box includes a quart of soup or sauce made from the vegetables that are harvested that week. Our goal is to make the busy lives of our members easier!  We want to inspire people to create more soups & sauces with their vegetables and experiment with simple veggie recipes.

5. You are helping to support a small local farm!  Farming is not easy.  Farming is not cheap, especially in prime areas like Long Island.  But farming is critical for humans, for our environment, and for our economy.

6. For every HeartBeet Farms CSA purchased, you are directly helping to feed families in need in the LOCAL area. HeartBeet Farms donates a percentage of gross profits to Hobbs Community Farm. Hobbs has donated 90% of its produce to local Long Island food pantries for over 10 years.  Each year over 35,000 pounds of Hobbs Farm produce is donated to people in need in Long Island.  The directors of HeartBeet Farms also donate a significant number of hours to managing the Hobbs Farm operation in order to grow and harvest food for the food pantries.

Interested in our weekly box of local, seasonal veggies – signup for the HeartBeet Farms CSA today:  Click Here