HeartBeet Farms has shifted from managing a larger farm to managing a sustainable garden and is focused on helping clients create their own sustainable gardens. The more sustainable gardens that we create, the more we help to regenerate our soil!  Our new garden location at the Smithtown Historical Society.

organically grown kale
organically grown spinach

The Farmer's Pledge

HeartBeet Farms is a member of NOFA-NY - Northeast Organic Farming Association of New York.  We have signed the Farmer's Pledge demonstrating our commitment to responsible growing, our willingness to be transparent to the community, and our commitment to be environmentally responsible, ecologically sound, and practice a holistic approach to farming.

The Farmer's Pledge NOFA

BioNutrient Food Association

We are a member of the BioNutrient Food Association (BFA).  As our society continues to move towards eating 'healthier' foods, we sometimes purchase organic fruits or vegetables from the grocery store or from a local farm stand and find that it lacks flavor.  Flavor is a significant indicator of the nutritional value of a fruit or vegetable.  If it tastes bland, it most likely lacks nutrition.  BFA helps to teach growers how to maximize the bionutrients (nutritional value) in the produce they grow. At HeartBeet Farms, we are very excited to be a part of the BFA mission.

Bionutrient Food Association

Get Educated

Learn about our farm and in-school nutrition education programs.