Will our Dinosaur Kale Stand Up to Its Name this Year?

dinosaur kale called toscanoAll of the spring HeartBeet Farms kale is planted in the ground! We planted 2 types of kale this year.  However, there are three main types of kale:

  • Curly kale has bright green leaves that are very curly; it’s also known as Scotch or green kale and is probably familiar to most eaters as a garnish, though it’s much more than that.
  • Black kale has elongated, flat, bluish-green leaves with a crinkled texture; it’s also called
    Tuscan or dinosaur kale, and Lacinato is a specific Italian heirloom variety of this type.
  • Red kale has frilly leaves with red or purple stems; it’s also called Red Russian kale.

Organic Toscano Dinosaur KaleWe are growing an organic curly green kale this year as well as the Italian heirloom, Lacinato or dinosaur kale called Toscano. This organic kale has a unique leaf type which is extra-dark green, noncurled but heavily blistered (or savoyed). Lacinato has rich, tender leaves that have a softer texture than curly green kales. And these plants are also tolerant of hot and cold weather.

The Toscano Kale prefers a fertile, well-drained soil high in organic matter. With consistent moisture, this kale will produce the best quality leaves. Toscano grows upright up to 30 inches tall and is a striking ornamental in a garden.

These non-curly varieties are favorites for salads and soups for their mild flavor. Checkout our Pinterest account for recipes.