Become a member of HeartBeet Farms and receive a weekly box of fresh, local, nutritious, sustainably-grown vegetables delivered to your front door or picked up at the farm.  And check out our mobile farm stand to buy some delicious vegetables.

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Students or Families - experience a day at the farm!  Learn about why it is important to grow nutrient dense, sustainable vegetables. And while getting to taste-test the veggies, learn how to mix soil, plant seedlings, and harvest vegetables.

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The HeartBeet Farms Vision

Our vision is to help create a society where people are connected to where their food comes from and have a real understanding about the importance of eating food that is high in nutritional value.

The HeartBeet Farms Mission

1. Grow and make available nutritionally-dense, sustainable fruits and vegetables.

2. Create healthy leaders through nutrition education.

3. Help sustain the mission of Bethel Hobbs Community Farm - providing fresh, wholesome food to those who need, through a network of local food pantries and food programs.


Heart & Beet Cartoon Adventures

Heart is active and adventurous.  Beet is very grounded and informed when it comes to nutrition and farming.  Together they help each other make healthier food and drink choices and and want to teach you about how to make those choices also! Watch our cartoons and read our comics - Click here to learn more...

Become a Farm Member

Do you want to feed your family fresh, local, healthy food that is high in nutritional value?  Do you want to help with a mission to help feed people fresh, local, healthy food that is high in nutritional value? Then become a member of our farm now!