Here are some common questions we get from our loyal customers. If you don't find an answer to your question, don't hesitate to reach out to us via email or phone.

Are all the soups plant-based?

Yes, our soups contain only vegetables, herbs and sometimes beans.  The vegetable broth is prepared from fresh vegetables and prepared in our chef's kitchen.

Are the vegetables from local farms?

During season, the vegetables all come from local farms.  During the colder months, we make every attempt to source local vegetables. However, some of the vegetables come from farms in other US regions.

Are the vegetables all organic?

We make every attempt to use organically grown and sustainably grown vegetables in our farm-to-table soups.  However, there are times when conventional vegetables are the only available option.

Can I sign up for more than the 6-week Soup CSA?

Yes!  When you are a few weeks into your 6-week Soup CSA, we will send you an option to extend your soup CSA for another 6 weeks.

How do I change my delivery address? And what time will you deliver to my address?

Please contact us via email or phone and we will ensure that we change your delivery location. We will contact you prior to the start of your 6-week Soup CSA to discuss a delivery timeframe.

What are types of soups have you prepared in the past?

Here are several of the soups that Chef Jason has created in the past.

Cabbage soup
Escarole & Bean soup
Squash soup
Asparagus soup
White bean chard soup
Tomato and kale soup
Sweet potato soup
Leek and potato soup
Carrot soup
Chunky vegetable soup
Stewed tomatoes and cucuzza soup
Butternut & acorn squash soup
Cabbage and eggplant soup
Tomato soup
Onion soup
Roasted Tomato & Red Russian Kale soup
Summer Zucchini soup
Red Bean Chard soup
Asian Vegetable soup
Broccoli Leaf & Lentil soup
Buttercup & Butternut Squash soup

If I sign up for a 1-week Trial Soup CSA and I want to join the current 6-week Soup CSA, can I?

Yes, just email or call us and we will prorate the cost of the current 6-week CSA with the remaining weeks and get you signed up.

If I sign up with a group of people, can you do a drop-off to a designated location?

Yes!  Just let us know in the 'Additional Notes' section of the registration form and we will contact you to coordinate the drop-off.

Will you have nutritional information on the soups?

Initially, we may not have the nutrition information completed.  However, we are in the process of gathering information to complete the nutrition information.

How will I know what time the soups will be delivered?

We will contact you prior to the start of your 6-week CSA period to coordinate a time for your delivery.

Where do you deliver to?

We currently deliver from Riverhead (East) to Long Beach (West).  Nothing west or east of these towns currently. If you are interested and live in an area outside of our delivery zone, please contact us anyway!

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