Let's discuss how HeartBeet Farms can support your menu needs.  We will work with your local restaurant to supply nutritious, sustainably-grown produce.  Contact us for more information!


The Farm to Hospital movement is growing. Hospitals are realizing the value of producing fresh, local, organic food for their patients, We can become the local farm that helps your hospital support this movement. Contact us.


We supply local, nutritious produce to your school kitchen.  And we also support nutrition education at our farm and in your classrooms. Contact us now!


Experience our Produce

Let's figure out if HeartBeet Farms can support your produce needs. By utilizing our produce, you are also supporting the efforts of Hobbs Farm, a non profit, all volunteer farm that donates 90% of its produce to local food pantries.  Call us at (516)343-6247 or email  We look forward to speaking with you!