Jason's Food Service

Jason is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America and has over 25 years of experience in the restaurant & catering industry.  His hands on approach reflects his passion for food, presentation, creativity, and dedication to quality.  As the founder of Jason's Food Service his main goal is to provide you with only the best culinary tastes.  Jason prepares all of the Heartbeet Farms soups & sauces from the veggies harvested right from our farm!

Rustic Roots Organic Delivery

Rustic Roots Delivery’s Husband and wife team, Jeff & Emer, along with the great Team at Rustic Roots makes it easy for you to get the freshest local, organic & sustainably grown farm goodies delivered directly to your home. RRD has been a leading farm delivery service in NYC, Brooklyn, Queens & Long Island since 2011 & credit the success of their business to their close relationships with the Northeast’s leading, organic & sustainable farmers. Rustic Roots now carries and distributes HeartBeet Farms Farm to Table soups for pickup in their Ronkonkoma location or delivery to your home.

Long Island Microgreens

If you research the health benefits of microgreens, you'll find a plethora of studies that show how powerful these little greens are. Microgreens are just the small version of the larger plant but with up to 40x more nutrients! So whenever you read about the health benefits of other vegetables, it applies to microgreens as well! Learn more about the health benefits of microgreens and how to purchase them at Long Island Microgreens.

BeeWitched Bee

Samantha Boyd & Neal Wechsler are the founders and beekeepers for BeeWitched Bee. They started beekeeping with just 1 beehive and soon realized that having 1 or 2 hives in the yard wasn’t going to do much to help with the honeybee population on Long Island. They developed a passion for the bees and their small hobby turned into their cause. They now have beehives in several locations. As Neal and Samantha became more educated about the bees, they became more educated about the products the bees make and their benefits. They currently produce and sell raw honey, infused honeys, lip balms and perfumes.

Moka Origins

Moka Origins chocolate will be included in our Winter CSA Specialty CSA boxes! Moka Origins is on a mission to create employment, heal the environment and reinvent the way consumers shop for chocolate and coffee. They strive for the betterment of farmers and their families around the world. They maintain and invest in their own farm in Cameroon, West Africa and unite with farming partners around the world to create their products. For every product Moka Origins' sells, they plant a tree. They produce their chocolate and coffee in a small barn factory located in Honesdale, PA - definitely worth a visit!!